Travelling as a couple means enduring the joy of seeing places and sights for the first time and knowing you have done it together. It’s about creating memories together and learning something new about each other that allows you to see a side of each other that inspires passion. Put it simply, travelling as a couple is a perfect recipe for romance, intimacy, and getting to know each other better.

Some couples love the combination of nature and luxury while some love to get lost in the charming cityscapes and a few like to challenge themselves and head out on an adventure together. You’ll find hundreds of great destinations for couples, but here at Satguru travel, we look at 5 best travel destinations for couples that most of our customers love.

1- Bali

Bali, known as the island of gods, pure heaven, offers something to every type of
couple. If you want to feel like hiking through lush greenery, monkey forests, and
rolling into rice paddles, then Bali is the one destination for you. If your version of
romance is dancing to DJ lights, then Bali has the best night clubs. If you think your
romance is spiritual, then Bali has countless temples where you can visit. If you are a
beach couple, then you can visit white-sanded shores on the south coast to the black
sand on the northern and western coasts.

Recommendation – Seminyak’s Echo Beach is an excellent spot if you’re looking for
romance and seclusion.

2- The Maldives

Beaches are often described as “ Paradise” and not denying the fact that the
Maldives is a Paradise. The Maldives provides an affordable luxurious destination.

Here, you can book a sea-facing bungalow or enjoy a meal with turquoise water and
white sand beach. If you are a water sport loving couple, then don’t forget to do
scuba diving or snorkelling. You can also spend some time at Veligandu Island
Beach and experience the unique vibe of the Male Fish Market and Local Market.

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3- Ibiza

Ibiza may be popularly known as the destination for friends and family, but it also
appeals to couples as holiday destinations. It can be a non- stop party destination for
the pair, and the atmosphere is energetic. Or, if you are a fan of old heritage, then
you should explore the walled Old Town ( Dalt Vila), which is an ancient sandstone
fortress. Or, if you are foody just like us, then don’t forget to eat Seafood Paella,

which is a rice dish that is slow-cooked with fish, squid, prawns, and a variety of

4- Paris

No one can steal the tag of most romantic destination for the couples from Paris.
Whether it’s your first visit to the City of Lights or you’ve been before, you’re most
likely to enjoy a romantic destination every single time. With the majestic Eiffel
Tower, the beautiful Sacre Coeur, and Notre Dame, the lovely Seine, the world-
famous cuisine, and incredible art museums – Paris and romance go hand in hand
just like valentine and pastries do. If you have not been to Paris as a couple, you are
missing out on the most beautiful place in the world.

5- Santorini

Santorini is gaining a lot of popularity amongst couples recently. It gives you the
perfect views and is also packed with so many romantic opportunities like a walk
around Oia in the northern region or renting a scooter to ride around town together or
going for a wine tasting to experience a locally produced white wine called Retsina.

The white walls and blue roofs here will always surround you to give you a warm
feeling, and in the evenings, you have front-row seats to incredible sunsets. Once
the sunsets, the city starts glowing, and the houses, churches, and restaurants light

Pro Tip: Have a mud bath treatment with your romantic partner!


Main motto is to stay together and enjoy the movements it doesn’t matter where you go but above place help you to make a romantic environment and all are preferred by new couples.

We hope this list of the best holiday destinations will help you find the perfect
romantic place with your loved one!