The body had actually been at the mortuary of Maharaja Yeshwantrao (MY) Hospital for 11 days


An extremely decayed body of a male was discovered in the mortuary of government-run medical facility in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore on Tuesday. The body, with its skeleton, was discovered on a stretcher in the mortuary of Maharaja Yeshwantrao (MY) Hospital, the city’s biggest medical facility.

The medical facility stated the unknown male’s body had actually been at the mortuary for 11 days which it was kept the stretcher to be turned over to an NGO or Indore’s civic body staff members to carry out last rites.

A notification will be offered to those accountable for the mortuary and a probe into the supposed lapse will be begun, stated Dr PS Thakur, superintendent of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital.

” Since the COVID-19 break out in the district, the load on the mortuary has actually increased and sometimes, we lacked freezers. At present, the mortuary has 16 freezers for conservation of the body. It has actually been getting bodies more than its capability in a day, often even 21 or 22. We had actually asked for the federal government previously too about increasing the number of freezers,” he stated.

In July, a household cremated a various individual rather of their kid, who shared the exact same name, in a supposed mix-up by the exact same medical facility. A problem was submitted implicating the medical facility management of gross neglect.