The district magistrate, Ravindra Kumar, guaranteed timely action to the clients


A senior administrative authorities in western Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district went on an examination of the government-run SSMJ Hospital – a L1 center for asymptomatic Covid clients – in the town of Khurja on Tuesday night.

The authorities – District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar – chose to take the media along. What followed was a striking discussion with a group of clients (with social distancing procedures followed) about the quality of food.

Some clients likewise stated they were made to seem like beggars.

” I requested for milk and the reaction from somebody sitting here in the corner was – ‘ kya shor macha rakha hai (what a difficulty you are making)’. I stated ‘

shor nahin macha rakha hai

(I am not making a difficulty)’. I am requesting food for my kid, I am not pleading you for alms,” a client informed the district magistrate.

” I can get 500 litres milk here … I am from a well-off household however at the minute I am powerless. I will leave in a day or 2 however I request you, with folded hands, that much better food plans must be made,” the client included. Mr Kumar asked authorities accompanying him where the clients’ food originated from. The reaction, recorded on a video shot with cellphones, was inaudible. The main then asked clients what they got for food.” In the early morning we get dalia in polythene bags. One day there was halwa with


,” a client responded

” Why do you offer food in polythene bags? Why do not you offer jam-packed food?” the district magistrate asked the authorities once again. The reaction, once again, was inaudible.

” Sir, the dal is likewise extremely watery. The quality is simply regrettable. Just how much should I grumble?” another client asked.

” The CMS came for an examination the other day. Did he take any feedback from you?” Mr Kumar then asked the clients. The reply – no, he did not.(*)” There will be enhancement in the food. There are intermediaries … that is why there is an issue. If the physicians do not begin 2 rounds every day, all my control space and I will get things arranged,” the district magistrate ensured clients prior to leaving.(*)