PM Modi’s Birthday Image: Amul’s welcoming on the Prime Minister’s 70th birthday

PM Modi’s Birthday: On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday, Amul welcomed the PM in its typical amusing method. The butter maker created an eccentric post on Twitter, with a few of the peaks of the PM’s political profession, including his foreign trips and individual connection with world leaders. The 30-second gif has PM Modi and the Amul woman with amusing captions. Test a few of the amusing one-liners:

” Siachen jahan se accha”, “Mann ki Baat”, “German dost Spanish coast Russian host French toast”, “USAfir hoon yaroon”, “Davoice of the PM”, “I for I – Incredible for India”, “Modijeet” and a couple of more.

” Siachen jahan se accha” illustrates PM Modi’s see to the Siachen, the greatest military post worldwide, where he invested his 2014 Diwali with Indian soldiers. PM Modi is the 2nd Indian prime minister to check out Siachen after Dr Manmohan Singh in 2005.

Talking of Dr Manmohan Singh, “Mann ki Baat” has PM Modi and Dr Singh enjoying support and the Amul woman in between the 2 leaders.

The Prime Minister’s four-nation trip, that included Germany, Spain, Russia and France in 2017 likewise discovered location in Amul’s “German dost Spanish coast Russian host French toast”.

” USAfir hoon yaroon” reveals PM Modi with United States President Trump at White House. The line is a pun on the popular Kishor Kumar variety of the 70s “Musafir hoon yaroon.”

Prime Minister Modi at World Economic Forum in Davos can be seen in “Davoice of the PM” in the gif. The PM’s Davos journey and interactions with magnate was a success, according to market leaders.

A host of individuals – from world leaders, to union ministers, leaders throughout the political spectrum and fans and fans – welcomed PM Modi on his birthday.