Aliv seeds can assist in enhancing resistance and helping healing


  • Aliv seeds benefit individuals with alopecia and male pattern baldness
  • They can assist kids reaching the age of puberty
  • They are an abundant source of iron and folic acid

Aliv seeds or halim seeds or garden cress seeds can undoubtedly be referred to as forgotten foods in India, according to star nutritional expert Rujuta Diwekar. From enhancing hair development to being useful for nursing ladies, there are numerous methods which these small seeds can benefit you. You can soake aliv seeds over night and include them to milk and consume it in bedtime. Another method to include them in your diet plan is by preparing little laddoos with aliv seeds, coconut, ghee and jaggery and have them as a mid-meal treat.

All the factors you require to consist of aliv seeds in your diet plan

These red-coloured seeds have actually been discussed in Ayurveda for being useful for postpartum healing. It can provide your skin and hair the ideal sort of increase after giving birth, states Diwekar in her IGTV. These seeds should be part of your diet plan after shipment, she includes.

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And not simply postpartum, however these seeds are useful for one and all. Here’s how:

1. Aliv seeds are an abundant source of iron, folic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. They have immunity-boosting residential or commercial properties. For individuals recuperating from coronavirus, these seeds can be useful.

2. The seeds can likewise be practical in enhancing your fertility. Consist of aliv sees in your diet plan if you are attempting to get pregnant.

3. They can work marvels for kids who are striking the age of puberty. It can be practical for minimizing acne breakouts.


Aliv seeds can be practical if you are having acne breakouts
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4. Menopausal ladies who experience an irregular skin can likewise benefit by consisting of aliv seeds in their diet plan, Diwekar notifies.

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5. Make sure to consist of aliv seeds in your diet plan if you are young and suffering from alopecia. Middle-aged guys bearing the impact of male pattern baldness can benefit from consuming aliv seeds.

6. “Aliv has chemo-protective results and can be practical for cancer clients who are undergoind treatment,” she includes.

7. State of mind swings and sugar yearnings, that come useful with PMS, can be minimized by consisting of aliv seeds in diet plan.

Point to keep in mind

Traditionally, aliv seeds are taken in together with healthy fat sources. You can prepare aliv laddoos with coconut, ghee and jaggery, or you can have a pinch of them with milk at bedtime. Fat sources reduce down assimilation of nutrients from aliv seeds, states Diwekar.

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Portion size requires to be managed when it concerns consuming aliv seeds. Individuals who are having it for the very first time might discover them hard to absorb. “Don’t exaggerate it,” Diwekar warns.

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